Midwest Summer Road Trip

We are all ready to get outside. Most Americans say that they will drive for regional vacations which makes 2021 the year of the Road Trip. America hasn’t seen this level of on the road vacations in decades. Travelers are choosing to travel by cars and RVs staying at campsites, Airbnbs and even with relatives.

America Tour Company invites you to join our Midwest Summer Road Trip visiting Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska. Hit the road to discover the country’s top zoo in Omaha, the majestic Gateway Arch in St. Louis, the mountain city of Denver, the epic Sculpture Park in Des Moines and the extensive selections of Fountains in Kansas City.

Research Route

It’s fun to make discoveries along the way, but you still want to have some research in your back pocket for must-see spots and an ultimate destination. Think of it as your summer initial itinerary; but, leave room in the schedule for improvisation. Allow yourself to get distracted by the brown interstate sign about a local attraction or a billboard about a small town sight to see.

Destination Plan

It will be a busy summer along the highways and interstates so you should make some lodging plans in advance. Check reservation requirements for state parks and major attractions. Book campgrounds, lodges and Airbnb stays early to ensure you have a place to rest.

Vehicle Ready

If you haven’t been making a regular commute, or your car has been sitting around for a while, consider getting it checked out before you take off. Also consider outfitting your car with gear for the trip to make your journey more pleasant. Campers may enjoy extras like car awnings or roof racks to store bikes and extra storage space.

Pack Plan

They key to a successful road trip is the planning and the packing. Start with our Road Trip Planner to make sure you are ready for an enjoyable drive. You should pack for various weather situations but don’t over pack. That is easier said than done but you don’t need new outfits everyday on a road trip. Some travelers suggest using plastic totes for a longer road trip instead of suitcases.

Tour First

We suggest that when you arrive to a new place you take a tour first. Then, you can learn about the places you want to spend more time discovering. History Tours are a great way to learn about the stories that created the local culture. Don’t forget about Food Tours to sample local eats so you can spend your dinner time wisely. Use our Tour First, Explore Second blog post to learn more.

Celebrate the return of the Great America Road Trip. Meet our local network of Tour Hosts who will share the best of the Midwest whether you are traveling along I-80 or I-35. Our sites give you the 6 most popular tours on the very first page. We look forward to hosting you.